Reminder: Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection 1 DLC Out Tomorrow

It would be shameful if you forgot, but this is a reminder to all readers that the first non Elite content pack for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 releases tomorrow (March 20th 2012).

MW3 Collection One includes four brand new multiplayer maps Liberation, Piazza, Overwatch and Black Box along with new Special Ops Missions Black Ice and Negotiator, marking the first time Special Ops has been made downloadable online in franchise history bringing with it new Achievements and an extra 160 Gamerscore.

In Black Box, players will battle beside a downed Air Force One amidst multi-level homes overlooking the luxurious Southern California neighbourhood. Infiltrating a diamond mine aboard a snowmobile in the Special Ops mission Black Ice, your primary objective is to plant high-grade explosives in order to shut the mine down forever. In Negotiator, you head to India for high-stakes hostage extraction in which you’ll breach-and-clear rooms and navigate surface streets to ensure the safety of your VIPs.

Look out for our review of all content soon.

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