Renegade Ops – New DLC Out Today from SEGA

SEGA has released new downloadable content for the Xbox LIVE Arcade game, Renegade Ops. The story expansion Coldstrike Campaign and The Vehicle Pack is available to play in single player or multiplayer from today.

As the Renegade Ops storyline continues, the plot thickens with a new nemesis, Coldstrike. The Coldstrike Campaign pack contains three new icy levels and challenges, with the aim to defeat the cold-hearted enemy in arctic environments. Watch out for the Golems, large armored Drone factories that continuously produce low-flying enemies.

The Vehicle Pack introduces new heroes Crystal and Blazemo; both join the elite fighting unit equipped with their own unique abilities and weapons to help wreak ultimate destruction on their enemies. Military operative Crystal comes to the team with her custom armored vehicle and her ability to produce a large force field, absorbing enemy weapons to give you and your team time to breathe. Navigating Blazemo’s off-road Racer enables you to drive across all terrains while destroying everything in your path. Blazemo gets his name from the catastrophic damage caused by burning environments and enemies with a stream of intense fire from his special weapon, the Incinerator.

The Coldstrike Campaign is priced at 400 Microsoft Points, and the Vehicle Pack is priced at 240 Microsoft Points on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. If you would like to read our review of Renegade Ops, you can do so via this direct link.

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