Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – Episode 2: Contemplation

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – Episode 2: Contemplation

After an excellent start last week with episode one, Resident Evil Revelations 2 is back again with new locations, enemies, raid characters and experiences, with episode two: Contemplation. And wonderfully it maintains the high standard of its first outing, upping the ante effectively to immerse you further in the story of the mysterious island Claire Redfield, Moira Burton and the rest of the Terra Save abductees are stranded on.

Contemplation wastes no time kicking off its adventure. There’s no walking from where the last episode left off, instead, after a recap and a new cut scene to introduce the current situation, the narrative receives an injection of urgency as Claire and Moira are immediately thrown into exploring a new location and fighting off the enemy hordes.

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Three new characters are immediately introduced that add weight and stakes to the narrative, with all three being Terra Save colleges also captured like Claire and Moira. The increased cast adds a different feel and tempo to the proceedings, meanwhile the new locations are different enough from the prison of episode one to feel like you’ve made progress and have something new to see and discover.

The action is more intense this time around and with items carrying over from episode one, you’ll be more ravenously scavenging for herbs and ammo to help aid you against the aggressive enemies you quickly find yourself engaging. It’s brilliantly intense and desperate, and while death may be more frequent as a result, smart checkpoints and fast loading makes restarting feel like less of a punishment. Two new weapons – a new shotgun and SMG – Can also be found. However, two new enemies – boss-esque encounters – can frustrate, especially with the Resident Evil trait of another character potentially coming to the rescue, posing a question as to whether or not you should be expending all your hard-earned ammo.

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Barry and Natalia’s chapter is equally desperate as you scrounge for ammo and continue to follow in Claire and Moira’s footsteps looking for answers. A new sniper rifle can be found and put to use, additionally a new invisible group of enemies make an appearance – so to speak – which Natalia can see but Barry cannot. It makes for some interesting encounters, as a haze compromising Barry’s vision denotes the enemy’s presence and Natalia’s pointing and aiming advice are all you have to go on in felling this new foe. It’s clever and intense without being overplayed.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Episode two: Contemplation is a smart second outing for Capcom’s survival horror. The story maintains a brisk pace and continues to intrigue, meanwhile the new weapons, characters and enemies all help to make the experience feel fresh yet consistent with the overall tone established in episode one.  Most surprisingly is how well the script and voice acting is holding up, feeling far less cheesy and with much better localisation than many titles from the series’ past. Moreover, this episodic release schedule seems to be working in the title’s favour, preventing boredom from creeping in and keeping the experience fresher for longer.

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