Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Episode 3: Judgment review

Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Episode 3: Judgment review

The penultimate episode, Judgement, of Resident Evil Revelations 2 has arrived, pitting Claire, Moira, Barry and Natalia against more virus infected monstrosities, but can this third outing for this episodic experiment maintain the, so far high, standard of its predecessors?

Fortunately it can; Judgment builds on what came before, offers some new elements, and wonderfully sets up its final cliff hanger.

RE Rev 2 Ep3 2

Judgment maintains the fast pace of the previous two episodes wonderfully, taking you through a few new locations – some exterior but mostly interior – and giving you a few new things to do and see with the odd sudden bursts of combat from the usual cast of infected. The increase in intensity seen in the last episode, Contemplation, is present again in the form of several stand-out moments that truly get the heart pumping and cost you your precious ammo and herbs, however, Judgment’s unique offering is its introduction of more puzzle elements.

In both Claire and Moira’s, and Barry and Natalia’s campaigns, several puzzles are introduced that are more involved and cerebral than anything seen previously. They avoid frustration thanks to tight level design discouraging procrastination and distraction, and aren’t to taxing on the brain, but they’re clever and interesting, for the most part. There’s still a dash of silly that’s uniquely found in Resident Evil titles, but it fits better with the narrative this time thanks to the continued high calibre voice acting, script, and referential humour.

RE Rev 2 Ep3 3

Additionally each pair’s campaign gets a boss fight, offering a more focused and intense combat situation than in previous episodes and furthering the story some more. Things are winding up nicely in the denouement. However, a few niggling flaws are starting to protrude through the cracks the longer you spend in Revelations 2’s world.

Exteriors suffer from a washed out look that gets uglier the longer you spend starring at it, and whilst interiors are a little more vibrant, their rusty red colour palette is looking more and more familiar to Episode One’s dilapidated prison. Certainly the aesthetic similarities with buildings are consistent with the small island setup but it lacks visual stimulation. Meanwhile the tight level design successfully keeps you on the critical path but the abundance of featureless corridors is disappointing. Judgment does use this to its advantage at one point in a section we wouldn’t dare spoil here but a later sewer section reduces the point A to point B travelling to a cliché.

RE Rev 2 Ep3 1

Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Episode 3: Judgment does a great job of feeling unique against its previous episodes through interesting puzzles and boss encounters, and it honours and maintains the qualities brought before by the first two episodes. Barry and Claire are also given more characterisation which helps immerse you further in the narrative that’s unfolding, and whilst a handful of flaws are creeping in, their effect is minimal. Three episodes in and Revelations 2 is shaping up to be a terrific Resident Evil experience, now it’s up to the fourth one to bring it all home.

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