Respawn Say Thank You as Titanfall Beta Ends

Xbox One



Overnight the Titanfall Beta servers finally fell silent as the Titanfall Beta finally came to an end. Extended by two days, this beta has engulfed the Xbox One world since it kicked off on Valentine’s Day as Respawn put their servers and game to the test, finding bugs and squashing them as they prepare for perhaps the biggest launch on Xbox One of 2014.

Following the ending Respawn, Titanfall and Vince Zampell all too to Twitter to thank the massive amount of fans who joined the beta to help them test Titanfall before it release on March 11th in the US and 14th in the UK:

Overall the reaction to the beta has been overwhelming positive and Titanfall is looking to be the first real console selling title for the Xbox One and looking to change the FPS genre as new generation starts to come into its own.

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  • I thoroughly enjoyed it as well. Was a little skeptical with the Ninja Gaiden style of running on walls in a shooter, but it blends in well fighting against the Titans and getting to higher terrain faster.

  • Although it isn’t my cup of tea, I have to admit, for a BETA, it was well polished. I think they’ve cracked it and this is going to be a lot of peoples game of 2014. Good work Respawn.