Retailer Leaks Mass Effect Trilogy for Xbox One

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ZMART Games, an entertainment retailer chain based in Chile has outed an upcoming Mass Effect Trilogy bundle for Xbox One. The title is already available on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC from BioWare who haven’t yet officially announced a release date for the Xbox One edition. The Xbox One edition published by EA is assumed to highly resemble the PC version of the Mass Effect games; which we hope doesn’t start a trend of churning out PC versions of last-gen games on Xbox One just because it’ll look a bit better!

Last month, BioWare stated via twitter responding to fan feedback from as far back as December 2013, that they would look into releasing the trilogy for Xbox One and PS4:

As always, until it is “officially” announced it can only remain a rumour – but it is looking fairly positive. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an announcement within the next few days from EA Games.

Thanks: NeoGaf via ZMART

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  • I don’t care I’ve already played them all… I would play them again 🙂 Yay!

  • I never finished ME1, I did have ME2 but never started it and never bothered with ME3… I’d happily play them on X1 as never finished it on Xbox 360…in fact I barely got it started as I lived on either PGA Golf or CoD back then!

  • David

    It’s a great series man. I highly recommend it.

  • Keeping my fingers crossed it’ll happen. I don’t have my 360 anymore so this would be great!

  • David

    Yeah I gave my 360 up too. So I’m hoping just like you are. And that’s even after I beat all 3 multiple times lol I love that game

  • EA have an N7 day don’t they like Bungie used to do with Halo with their Bungie day on July 7th. EA’s N7 day for ME fans is Friday November 7th – wouldn’t be surprised if it was released then !!

  • David

    That’s very possible. I never thought of that. But you also gotta take into consideration Dragon Age Inquisition. That’s their main focus right now and it doesn’t release until October. So I see the trilogy being released maybe early next year

  • Thats not a bad shout David. Unless they’ve been working on this a while and release it before Inquisition comes out to keep us all occupied.

  • David

    Exactly. But honestly dragon age has peaked my interest. I think that’ll hold me over until the next mass effect installment