Return to Mars with Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered is headed to console in Q2 2018.

Set 50 years after the first Red Faction game, you play as an insurgent fighter battling for liberation from the EDF. With destruction firmly at the centre of this open-world action adventure, physics-based destruction has never been more fun. If an enemy is dug in then just blow up the building! The game also allows you freedom to decide who, when and where you want to fight – and as the name suggests – using guerrilla tactics to destroy the EDF.

The game’s graphics have been fully reworked with new textures, improved shadow and light rendering, and 4k support. Multiplayer also returns, including fully destructive environments.

I can’t say that I bonded too well with Red Faction Guerrilla when it first released way back in 2009, while the destruction was super fun, it just didn’t click as well as the original title – but who knows – with this spit and polish maybe Guerrilla will ignite something new, and not just an in-game uprising. Who knows… we may even see the developer invest some funds into producing a new game in the series.


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