REUS release date announced for Xbox One


How about a complete change of pace from the flying bullets and smoking tyres of the games that have come out recently? Abbey Games, along with publishing partner Soedesco have revealed today that their PC hit, REUS will be hitting consoles later next month.

So, what’s REUS all about? When I was first starting to play strategy or simulations games, the God Simulator of choice was Populous. There’s a definite God-Sim shaped hole in the gaming catalogue for the Xbox One. There might be pretenders to the crown, but none can achieve what Populous managed. They’re puny, impotent godlings in comparison. REUS hopes to address all of that.

The title will see you control four mighty giants, each with their own unique abilities. You’ll be able to terra-form the planet to your will with the aim being to experiment with different terrain types to find the perfect mix. This, along with a complex system of upgrades and synergies will allow for endless styles of play.

Observe humanity and praise or punish your subjects as you see fit while enriching the planet with over 100 plants, animals and minerals. You will also unlock content by helping humanity achieve numerous goals and achievements.

Co-founder of Abbey Games, Bas Zalmastra, suggests that REUS plays well with a controller;

The controller interface got a lot of attention, and you notice that. Playing REUS from the couch is a great and smooth experience! We are very happy with how the port turned out and we are very excited for Reus’ PS4 and Xbox One release.

You won’t have to wait long for you to get your omnipotent hands on REUS. Abbey Games are releasing the title on Xbox One both digitally and physically on the 14th of October.

Come forth, worshipper, and receive your blessings.

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