Rich’s GOTY

It’s hard not to let my fanboy enthusiasm get in the way of my GOTY choice this year – and I do love Assassins Creed. It started slowly with the game asking many questions as to whether it is a ‘true’ Creed game, but my game of the year for 2017 is without a doubt Assassins Creed Origins. I completely fell in love with the main characters, particularly Aya and what’s not to love about ancient Egypt.

Next on my list is Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, visually it’s stunning and the story that Ninja Theory told was done so with such care and attention around a sensitive subject that it is worthy of recognition – not to mention that it has stayed with me for the best part of the year.

Finally is Destiny 2. I really dislike the first incarnation of Destiny (Before the Taken King updates) but 2 is the game I wanted the first to be. It has more of a story to immerse in and the multiplayer is finally worthy of the Halo makers name.

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