RiftStar Raiders from Climax Studios announced for Xbox

RiftStar Raiders

British game developer, Climax Studios, have today revealed a new co-op space shoot ’em up coming to Xbox One in 2017. RiftStar Raiders will be all about the loot and about the co-op.

In RiftStar Raiders, players will enlist their most reliable team-mates to shoot and loot their way through nine unique co-op missions. You and your pal will face off in top-down combat against the galaxy’s four most deadly factions, from rival pirate gangs to the AI hive mind known as WarSwarm.

As a pilot, it’s your job to maximise your profit by looting cash and perks form adversaries, using the perks to craft and upgrade your ship’s systems, weapons, shields and boost engines. You could experiment with a wide variety potential loadout combinations to modify and adapt your play style to each mission. Choose various options, from a tank that takes the hits, to a spacecraft that focuses on team support or a damage dealer that goes first into the fight. Players need to collaborate and strategise to create the ideal squad.

So, the Spiral Arm galaxy is under threat from imminent WarStorm invasion. As the Federation’s most infamous smugglers and outlaws it it is your chance to save the day and make a handsome profit at the same time.

RiftStar Raiders will feature a mountain of loot. Looting is the core to crafting and equipping weapons, shields and boost engines. These allow you to hit harder, move faster and play smarter and more importantly, collect more loot.

Teamwork is the key to success in this online co-op experience for up to four players. Co-operate with friends to complete objectives but also to compete to be the first to grab the loot. Experience intense combat utilising a huge range of gear and weapons to get the upper hand on your opponents in a fast-paced environment. Battle through waves of enemy units, each with their own unique challenge.

Raider craft wil evolve and improve with every mission. Collect perks and loot in order for pilots to customise your ship in order to be prepared to face the next challenge. With so many possibilities available, no two play throughs will be the same.

RiftStar Raiders will explode onto Xbox One in 2017

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