Riptide GP2 coming to Xbox One January the 23rd


Having lived by the coast, I can vouch for the fact that high-powered motor-powered aqua sports can be exhilarating and dangerous. In a surprise Tweet from Hydro Thunder Hurricane developer Vector Unit, they would appear to know it too.

They have announced via their social media account that Riptide GP2 will be released on Xbox One this Friday, January the 23rd.

Feel the adrenaline rush as you ride your rocket-powered hydrojet around futuristic tracks across a dynamic and ever-changing watery surface.

Although Riptide GP2 wasn’t necessarily a surprise, the imminent release date might be. The game will feature new tracks, new game modes, online multi-player, VR challenge modes, a new, involved story mode and customisable hydro-bikes.

This promises to give it the full beans at 60fps in full 1080p, even with up to 6 player split-screen action. Jump, flip, ride, try not to drown or crash. Riptide GP2 should offer a challenge to all racers.

Here’s the Xbox One trailer, will you be donning a wetsuit for Riptide GP2?


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