Rock’N Racing Off Road DX review

When Rock’N Racing was announced it caught my eye, it reminded me of racing games from my younger years (not that I can remember names but it hit the nostalgic part of my brain), so I felt I had to give it a go.

As soon as the game began to load my heart sank a bit, the horrible soundtrack and voiceover immediately annoyed me but I lowered the volume and carried on. The game has all the modes you expect, Championship, Time Trial and Multiplayer but you’ll quickly realise there is much content behind it.

There are five different championships that comprise of 4 races ranging from two to eight laps, which doesn’t seem to bad at first, except you can finish 4 races in as little as two and a half minutes  on the smaller race tracks. Each championship win unlocks a new vehicle to use, from buggies to Monster trucks but there is no option for customisation, not even colour.


Time trial is basically the same set of races for you to complete in the quickest time possible and the multiplayer allows you and you friends to race locally, which turns out to be the most entertaining mode.

The racing is a pretty poor experience, the cars are quite hard to handle, though with practice you’ll get used to them but the AI is horrendous. Some races the cars are a nightmare to beat and other times the other seven cars will fail to finish the race! Some cars just stop in the middle of the track for no reason, before starting to race minutes later while others just crash into the tyre traps and never escape again, the inconsistency is infuriating.

The tracks themselves aren’t the most inspiring either, it feels like the developer went for the easy option and just made small changes to a set template, the jumps can result in some awesome crashes but you can ruin your races if you aren’t too careful.

If you like really annoying voice overs while driving then this is the game for you, hearing “That was awesome!” in an awful American accent 20 times a race is your thing then you will have a great time, the visuals are ok at best the music is pretty forgettable too.

The best thing about this game is the fact you can pick up 800 gamerscore very easily, it’s fair to say I was pretty glad it was a short game…

Thanks to Xbox for supporting TiX

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