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Roger That – Xbox 360 Camouflage Wireless Controller

…New Special Edition Coming To Retail This May…

cammo controller

The new wireless controller on the block this Spring for the Xbox 360 was announced a few weeks ago, but today thisisxbox received a complimentary unit prior to the official release date this May. As a Special Edition in a green-shades camouflage design it looks very smart and a sure-fire hit for any gamer who loves to outfit their console and accessories with khaki themes because they are likely to enjoy all the war games currently available on the market.

As well as featuring a unique camouflage design, the controller has a 30-foot wireless range and a transforming D-pad, enabling rotation between the “plus” and “disc” formats for greater precision. Special Edition controllers such as this make perfect gifts for the gamer who you know is likely to have all the latest games, but you still want to find that perfect present that fits with their gaming habits. So, if you’re unsure about what game to buy your friends and family instead of opting for the gift-card-voucher easy option, have you thought of buying a new controller?

Controller 4

Maybe you’re thinking about this for yourself recently, or if you’re in the military it would be fitting to replace your controller with a design that you’re eyes have likely seen for months or even years on end – make your controller match your uniform! It has also been known that many hardcore fans of the Xbox 360 buy all the Special Editions of both console and controller, since the retail units are often limited and come in a range of jazzy designs and styles that will not be around for long. If you feel like adding a camouflage design to your collection, then why the hell not – especially if you’ve previously snapped up the pink, blue and metallic editions!

The new wireless camouflage controller will be available in selected EMEA markets beginning in May that includes: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, UK, United Arab Emirates. If you’re living in the US, the new controller is exclusive to Wal-Mart for around $54.99 whilst an EU price has not yet been announced, but it should sit in-line with most other new official Xbox 360 controllers found at your nearest gaming retailer.

Controller 3

Playing Call of Duty with the new camouflage controller does feel rather good – now to go find me a ghillie suit!

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  • Kanok Timkhlai

    Can’t wait. i want one.

  • Jason

    I wish they did matching console skins !!!

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