Rogue Legacy confirmed for Xbox One this year


Previously Playstation and PC only 2D platformer Rogue Legacy has been confirmed for a 2015 release, albeit in a rather vague way.

Indie developer Cellar Door Games suggested in a tweet that the game would be released “sometime this year”.  The guys at Polygon wrung a little more confirmation from Cellar Door, with them reiterating, “It’s definitely coming out this year”.

Rogue Legacy will guide players through a magical castle, where the environment is constantly changing. Where’s the rogue element? Well, when you die, you don’t regenerate with the same character, you instead play as your expired character’s children.

The benefit of this is that each of these progeny have their own genetic traits affecting both ability and personality.

The release on Xbox One sees it’s evolution from it’s original PC release in 2013, onto ‘other’ consoles in 2014, to the Xbox One at some point this year.

Being a little bit of a retro-gamer, I’m looking forward to seeing what this is like on a next-gen system.

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