Rory McIlroy PGA Tour course shortage woes

If you’ve been playing the newly released Rory McIlroy PGA Tour game, then you would have no doubt of noticed the lack of courses on offer.

Only 12 courses are available at launch, with only eight of those being real-world locations.

But fear not, fellow golfers, EA will be releasing DLC.

“Paid DLC” I hear you cry “that’s bull plop! I aint paying for courses that should have been included in the game at launch!”

Well worry not, my angry friends, EA have promised free content updates post-launch, as seen here in this tweet:

PGA Tour EA Tweet

Furthermore, in a forum post on Operation Sports back at the beginning of July, designer Justin Patel indicated that this latest iteration of PGA Tour will be a platform rather than a annual iteration, with content being added to it as and when it’s developed.

Operation Sports Forum EA PGA Tour

It all sound like a bright future for the title, though sharing this information more freely may have held the wolves at bay come reviewing the launch product, eh EA?

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