Roundabout gets Xbox One release date


Who hasn’t, when presented with a car in any other game, aimed first and foremost for the gaggle of pedestrians in blissful ignorance at the impending carnage? I’ve wasted literally minutes of my life on doing this in other games.

Developer, No Goblin, have obviously spent time in the same driver’s seat, with a hungry look in their eyes.

They have announced their crazy limo carve ’em up, Roundabout, is coming to Xbox One through the ID@Xbox program.

No Goblin are fronted by ex-Twisted Pixel developer, Dan Teasdale, and Roundabout will feature some of the madcap humour you have come to expect from his former titles, like Gunstringer and Splosion Man.

Roundabout focuses on the life of Georgio Manos, the world’s first revolving chauffeur as she picks up clients and takes them for a literal spin around the crowded back alleys of the town of Roundabout. This features some kitsch and funky ’70s inspired cut-scenes that are more camp than an hour of ‘Carry On..’

The best part of all of this, well, Roundabout is going to be available on Xbox One on the 20th of February.

Have a look at the original announcement trailer below and let us know if this spins your steering wheel.

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