Rumoured Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 QA Testing Video

Xbox 360

A video forwarded to thisisxbox claims to be the menu system in use for the QA testers currently working on ironing out the bugs in this years Call of Duty title from Treyarch – Black Ops 2.

Shown and originally leaked to MW3Upload on Youtube, the video has since been taken down from their channel and will likely only remain available to view below for a limited time.

If it is a fake video, then it looks like the originator took a design approach to the MW3 menu screen and used the “Bank Gothic Medium” font which is the original font for the BLACK OPS wording to create a number 2. Then lining it up botton-centre to original Black Ops logo. Another interesting design element to the menu system is the start screen with the black/blue city backdrop – looking like it has been edited in from Battlefield 3’s start screen. Finally, would Treyarch really call a Feedback option “FEEDBACKS” ? – we, doubt it.

If this video is not a fake, then it simply confirms that Black Ops 2 is the release for this Fall from Treyarch and Activision. An internal Beta menu screen is not representative of the final product and therefore what you see is useless… a gameplay video would have backed up the original video creator’s claim.

…but if Activision are starting to pull these video’s from Youtube then is that enough confirmation that Black Ops 2 is being released this year whether the video is fake or not?

Here’s the video for as long as it’s available:

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  1. Feedbacks? Bullshit.

  2. …exactly 🙂

  3. where is split screen in muliplayer??

  4. do they think we are going to bleave that

  5. This was created by Charlie intel as a mock up of what the new call of duty may look like. Fake

  6. Burn mutha fuka's it be real!

  7. Burn mutha fuka’s it be real!

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