RWBY: Grimm Eclipse how to beat the progress reset glitch

I’ve been having a lot of fun with RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, but upon going back to the game today – after quitting the game rather than picking up from my last session – I noticed that I had fallen victim to losing my progress. All three of my level 10 characters had been reset – essentially losing all the XP I had earned while playing online. Only my level 7 Ruby remained, which I earned during single player campaign, this got me thinking…

After a few experiments, it seemed that this loss only occurred if the game fully shuts down – pressing the burger button and selecting quit – so was this loss of progress inevitable until Rooster Teeth issue a patch? Well there is one solution that worked for me… when you’ve finished playing online, simply play a single player mission before shutting down or quitting the game. I tried this a few times and my character and campaign progress was retained.

We’ve been informed that Rooster Teeth are aware of this problem, and that they are working hard to fix the issue.

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