SBK Generations Coming to the Starting Grid in May

Superbike racing fans rejoice! I bring glorious news! You’ll soon be able to get your full throttle kicks on the brand new incarnation of the SBK series, titled SBK Generations.

Right, now that the four of you have stopped rejoicing let’s have a look what’s in store.

Pitched as ‘the ultimate motorbike racing experience’ and following on from the successful launch of SBK 2011, the team from Black Bean Games and Milestone hope this new game is to set the standard for what’s to be expected from the bike racing genre. Having gathered worldwide feedback from gamers, critics and customers the minds behind the game feel they can deliver on the expectations of racing fans.

In terms of content available at launch, SBK Generations will be offering all the trimmings from the 2012 Superbike roster including, classes, riders and tracks. SBK Generations is touted as not only being the ultimate motorbike racing experience but also the largest. The game will be coming to your Xbox 360 in May 2012.

If the guys behind SBK Generations can deliver on the promises, this could well become as essential a racer as any four-wheeled one, but until we can get our mitts on it and put it through it’s paces our appetite has been whetted, albeit cautiously.

Also apologies to fans for the ‘four of you’ joke I opened with, it was purely a tease. I know there are at least twice as many of you out there.

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