Scrapped Call of Duty: Devils Brigade Footage

Scrapped Call of Duty: Devils Brigade Footage

Before the development of the very first Modern Warfare, which was of course – the awesome Call of Duty 4, Activision had hired a small development team to get to work on a third person Call of Duty game set in Italy – and so, Call of Duty: Devils Brigade was born!

If this sounds a little familiar, it is likened to the circumstances of Sledgehammer Games who were funded by Activision to create a whole new third-person Call of Duty – which we know now as the Modern Warfare prequel that was to feature Ghost (from MW2) thanks to our leak last year, but this was canned when Activision moved the team to help Infinity Ward complete Modern Warfare 3 on schedule. Maybe it will return – who knows?

Going back on to the subject of Call of Duty: Devils Brigade, the small development team under the lead of Jason VandenBerghe, who has most recently worked on both Ubisoft titles Far Cry 3, and Red Steel 2, were instructed to cease development after just nine months of hard work on the title.

So, what have the millions of Call of Duty fans missed out on?

Call of Duty: Devils Brigade, as a spin-off was mainly Set in Italy during World War II and featured squad-based mechanics, exploration, and soldiers who were inhumanely ruthless – a band of American and Canadian soldiers that fought in Italy and France as World War II was coming to an end.

The possible reason for it’s cancellation was the huge success of Modern Warfare which rocketed the franchise into a whole new dimension, bringing Activision millions of new gamers and pivoting them in pole position as the number one developer above Electronic Arts – all thanks to Infinity Ward.

“And the thing is,” says VandenBerghe, “if the IW guys say they want to control the Call of Duty IP, they don’t even have to say our name. We just got sideswiped. And that happens. I don’t begrudge them for that.”

Some brief footage of the game is shown below.

(via TheVerge)