ScreamRide mission details rolled out


Screamride, it’s one of those games that would appeal to the sadist in all of us. Build a super-fast, twisty, loopy, extreme rollercoaster, then smash it to bits mid-ride and scare the be-jeebers out of everyone on board.

Frontier Developments’ new thrill-seeker aims to do exactly that with a mixture of RollerCoaster Tycoon and the more destructive elements of Burnout.

As this comes out in a little over a month’s time, 6th of March if you didn’t know, Frontier have taken the time over on Xbox’s blog, Xbox Wire, to detail the 3 mission types that are coming in this thrillseeker.

Demolition Expert missions are what would in all probability appeal to most players. The chance to destroy the location by launching the different shaped ride pods into the environment, causing chain reactions and explosions in a sort of Angry Birds meets Alton Towers kind of way.

Engineer missions will pit your building skills against the constraints of space. Start off with a bit of finished ride and complete it in the coolest way you can.

ScreamRider missions will have you in control of the ride pod itself as it hurtles around the track. Lean the car, control the speed but don’t let the riders fall out or it’s game over. This mode will allow you to perform some two-wheel trick action for higher combo scores, with global and friends leaderboards available to chart your progress.

The construction elements are going to be incredibly detailed, with hundreds of pieces and a Minecraft style construction tool enabling the gamer to create many, many, wonderful things.

Don’t take my word for it though, have a quick look at the preview trailer with Major Nelson and ScreamRide’s Executive Producer Jorg Neumann for more info.

ScreamRide hits the shelves for Xbox One and Xbox 360 on the 6th of March.

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