Sea Of Thieves “Hungering Deep” trailer coming next week

One thing that Rare are absolutely nailing at the moment are the weekly developer updates. In the latest video released this week, Executive Producer Joe Neate revealed that a trailer and release date for the first major update “The Hungering Deep'” will be revealed next week, and if they follow their normal schedule then this will be on Tuesday May 15th.

In the latest update Joe Neate also revealed that the Private crew feature will be added to the game on the next patch, giving players the choice to keep open slots on their ships ready for friends to join, instead of being lumbered with a (potentially) griefing random. Also included in the next update is the change to how your gamertag is displayed to your opponents, especially when attempting to be stealthy. After this update the gamertag will not be shown when you are underwater, meaning you can sneak much more effectively.

The Hungering Deep is the first major update to Sea of Thieves, and Rare have promised that there will be weekly events added each week after this release. Great news for you pirates out there, and hopefully this will address some of the criticism that the game has had since release.

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