Sea Of Thieves officially Rare’s most successful game

Sea of Thieves is officially Rare’s biggest game in its history, according to US industry tracking company The NPD Group who track retail and digital sales of games. Sea of Thieves has sold faster than any other Rare game since tracking started in 1995.

“Sea of Thieves was the second best-selling game of March, and is the eighth best-selling game of 2018 year-to-date,” according to analyst Mat Piscatella. “Sea of Thieves generated the highest launch month sales for any title produced by developer Rare since tracking by The NPD Group began in 1995.”

As this only includes digital and physical sales it will not include those who are playing through Game Pass. In terms of cash sales, Sea of Thieves is the No. 8 game of 2018 so far. That actually makes it the second highest platform exclusive on the list, as PUBG which is at Number 7.

This data goes hand in hand with Microsoft’s own data which shows that over two million people played Sea Of Thieves in March, with most of those playing on Xbox One, as PC numbers show that around 283,000 played away from the console. Given the good but not great reviews this is a great start for the new IP, and the forthcoming additions will hopefully prevent the player base from falling too far.

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