Sea Of Thieves ‘Skeleton Fort’ Encounters detailed

One of the main criticisms aimed at Sea Of Thieves over the past few months is if there will be enough to do in the beautiful game world. As we now edge towards the March 20th release date, Rare are releasing more and more information on what the end-game will contain. First up are the Skeleton Forts.

In the latest ‘Inn-Side story’ Senior Designer Andrew Preston and Senior Software Engineer Tom Berry detail just how players will have to work together to defeat the Skeleton enemies, but then (probably) have to battle each other for the final loot.

The Skeleton Forts can be found within the current Scale Test but are bereft of enemies, but in the full release, when cursed Skeleton Fort events begin, an enormous skull will appear above the island, luring in players from all over the map. On arrival, you will encounter large, aggressive hordes of skeleton pirates who will spawn in waves both inside and outside the fort, encouraging players to work together in order to defeat them. Eventually, a skeleton captain will spawn for the final boss fight. When defeated it will drop a key which only one pirate can pick up in order to open the treasure trove. However, at this point it’s every crew for themself as the untold treasure can be fought over, even though there is plenty to go around.

I am so looking forward to more info coming out of Rare, as the more I hear, the more excited I am getting!

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