SEGA’s Castle of Illusion Coming to XBLA

Xbox 360


The good ol’ eagle-eyed folks at NeoGaf have spotted that SEGA’s hit Mickey Mouse game of the early 90’s, Castle of Illusion has been rated for all current-gen platforms on a Brazilian Ratings Board.


This suggests that the latest rating is a confirmation that SEGA plan to re-release a new collection of games from the Master System or Mega Drive (Genesis) era. I’m actually hoping it is the Master System version of Castle of Illusion as it was by far the most enjoyable over the Mega Drive version. SEGA has not confirmed anything as of yet, but expect more details in the coming weeks.

Here’s a reminder of the Master System version released in 1990.

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  • Richard Tallis

    I would personally hope for the Mega Drive version… that’s the one which I played in my early years!!

  • If it is the Mega Drive version – then I’ll also hope for World of Illusion too, I played that even more.

  • Richard Tallis

    It makes me want to play all the old classics though… Road Rash… James Pond! You can go on and on! At least Abes Oddysee is out this year too! I know that was Playstation, but it was a platforming classic!