Selection of casino games for Xbox

Need to get away from all those action packed third person shooters, zombie survival games or high-speed racing games? But do you still want to experience a certain degree of thrill and excitement? Try out some of these casino games for Xbox!

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Casino Online – released in February 2011

During the start of 2011 Atari published the massively open online racing game Test Drive Unlimited 2. The game revolves around some unknown racer who gets the opportunity to enter a series of big racing tournaments. During various racing events the player works his way up in the racing world.

Sometime after the launch of TDU2, Atari revealed a brand new DLC called TDU2 Casino Online. As the name states, this DLC allows the player to enter a casino which offers slots machines, roulette, poker and other classic casino games. Does this have anything to do with racing at all? It sure does. In this DLC you can compete on a racetrack with up to 32 other players and even win a car by playing the slots machines! This DLC also comes with 10 new levels of progression. If you enjoy racing and the thrill of winning in a casino then TDU2 is about as good as it gets.

High Rollers Casino – released in 2004

Do you want to experience the thrill of being in a real-life casino? But don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your own home? Then you should definitely check out High Rollers Casino for the Xbox. This game was developed by Bethesda Softworks and offers almost every game you will find in a real casino. High Rollers Casino offers the player a wide variety of customization options for their character before entering the full 3D digital casino. You can play any casino game, but you can also participate in tournaments. The main goal of entering these tournaments is winning the title of High Roller.

If you have no experience with casino games at all, High Rollers Casino offers tutorials for all the different games you can play. Have you won all the High Roller tournaments? Maybe you’re ready for the real deal. If so, we recommend trying out some games in a real online casino with cash back!

Fable II Pub Games – released in August 2008

The highly anticipated action RPG game Fable II was a great success when it came out in October 2008. But in August 2008 developer Lionhead Studios released the Xbox Arcade game Fable II Pub Games.

With the Pub Games the player is offered the chance to win money and items for their Fable II character by playing three different casino-styled games. By winning money and items during the Pub Games you can start Fable II with quite a rich character. The player is awarded with experience point for every piece of gold they bet during these three minigames. These experience points can be used to unlock concept art and higher-stakes versions of the minigames. You can also unlock different tournaments during which you can earn items by beating the computer controlled opponents.

Full House Poker – released in March 2011

If you enjoy playing poker then you should definitely check out Full House Poker that came out in 2011 as an Xbox arcade game. Although there are some other arcade poker games that came out for Xbox Arcade, Full House Poker still is the best one out there. Even though it doesn’t allow you to play for real money, it does offer a lot more than other online poker games for Xbox.

Besides the single player mode, Full House Poker allows you to play online against friends and strangers with Xbox Live. And that’s where the real fun starts. You can build up your bankroll and enter a variety of tournaments. In Full House Poker you can also join the so-called ‘Texas Heat’ events. During these events you play a 30 minute game against other players. The goal is to gain the most experience points. These points are awarded for winning hands but also for intelligent play. With these experience points you an unlock clothing and accessories for your in-game character, but they can also be used for gaining access to multiplayer games with higher stakes. We really recommend playing Full House Poker online as the multiplayer action is more enjoyable than the single player game.

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