Serious Sam Double D XXL Out Now


Independent developer Mommy’s Best Games and co-publishers Devolver Digital and Mastertronic have unleashed the earth-shaking action of Serious Sam Double D XXL exclusively on Xbox LIVE Arcade! Completely overhauled with couch co-op and stuffed with all-new missions, weapons and enemies, Serious Sam Double D XXL is a tour de force of heavy weaponry and loud-mouthed shenanigans.

Originally launched as a part of the Serious Sam Indie Series, Serious Sam Double D XXL is a 2D run-and-gun take on the iconic Serious Sam franchise centered around the revolutionary Gunstacker – an item that allows gamers to collect, stack, and fire dozens of different gun combinations all at once. The addition of couch co-op, new levels, new weapons, and a bizarre selection of new enemies have all been added to reach an absolutely explosive level of fun on XBLA.

You can read our review of Serious Sam Double D XXL via this direct link.

Serious Sam Double D XXL is available now on Xbox LIVE Arcade for 800 MS Points.

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