Shenmue HD and Shenmue II HD Heading for XBLA ?

Xbox 360

Shemue, one of the most ground breaking games in the history of the SEGA Dreamcast is heading for the Xbox LIVE Arcade complete with a new HD skin – and has apparently been finalised for over a year, according to an industry source speaking to GamerZines.

The source with ties to SEGA, told them that “Shenmue HD is real [and has been] finished for well over a year. “As is Shenmue II HD”.

So, if true, why has SEGA held off on releasing them?

According to their insider, SEGA chose to sit on their release until it had a clearer picture of the future for the Shenmue franchise, namely, whether or not Shenmue III would ever see the light of day.

An XBLA release has been rumoured since April 2010 when the game turned up on the PartnerNet network, the testing ground for developers on Xbox LIVE Arcade. When SEGA reveal official information – we’ll keep you updated.

(via GamerZines)

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