Shining Empire – 1000 hour RPG


Another title that has grabbed my attention on Kickstarter is Shining Empire, a 16-bit retro style RPG taking us back to the glory days of role playing games, that as the games creator describes;

It seems like RPG’s nowadays just send you from point A to point B to complete quests. Where is the adventure!? We’re all about discovery. You’ll be thrown into a massive world which encourages exploration. We’re not just going to fill up your map with markers telling you where to go. So much of this game is setting you loose and letting you find your own adventures.

Shining Empire allows total freedom. You start with a plot land, gifted to you by your murdered uncle. The game is about seeking revenge for your uncles murder, that much is clear, but it allows an incredible amount of freedom to allow you to do this, in a game world that’s 3 times the size of Skyrim! Your land can be used to build a small farmstead on which you farm, build, mine, fish or trade on. Or you can build a sprawling city with merchants, forts, armies and more. Literally, all these options are left open for us to explore as we see fit.

Many games claim that your decisions shape the outcome, but only Shining Empire gives you the freedom to hold the world in the palm of your hand and decide the fate of humanity. As you grow in power you can become a destroyer or a savior. As you grow in power you will have the ability to kill anyone. Nothing in Shining Empire respawns. You can literally raze an entire town or kingdom. As you uncover the mystery of your uncle’s death you can choose to punish those involved or even become their allies, betraying the memory of the man that left you everything.


Shining Empire is set to be one of the largest RPG’s ever created. With over 1,000 hours of gameplay, just completing the game will require around 100 hours of play. It’s also a game that expands while you play it through Shining Empire Life. This is a server which is constantly updating your game in the background, adding new items, perils, and adventures.

Shining Empire still has just over 20 days to go on Kickstarter but has almost reached it’s total goal of $1,400; an incredibly low target for such a large undertaking. Check out the promotional video below and follow this link if you want to see Shining Empire finished and released on both Xbox 360 & Xbox One. I for one am pledging some money.

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