Shock Horror – Activision Confirm New Call of Duty for 2012

Xbox 360

Stop the press! You might not have seen this coming, but during todays earnings call, Activision confirmed that a new Call of Duty title for 2012 is currently in development.

It comes as no surprise since we’ve had a Call of Duty title every year from Activision, but they weren’t giving away any clues to its content. Previous rumors have suggested that it could be Black Ops 2 due to the recent purchase of the Black Ops 2 domain name. Other links point in the direction of Project Iron Wolf, but nothing has been leaked to us from trusted sources this year.

Last year we reported that Sledgehammer Games were working on a CoD4 Prequel featuring Ghost as the main character – this game was scrapped by Activision when they put Sledgehammer games to work alongside Infinity Ward for Modern Warfare 3, with the prequel elements appearing in the game in a small form from a different view point as originally reported.

If we had to take a wild guess, it wouldn’t surprise us if Treyarch released Black Ops 2 this year featuring a heavily improved Zombie mode that plays on 2012 being the end of the world in an apocalypse setting.

When official announcements have been made, we’ll keep you posted.

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  1. I hope it is as good as the first black ops and nothing like mw3 I don't think to many people was pleased with it like we where with the black ops. Thank for your time reading this

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