Shoot Many Robots Review

Want to shoot robots?

Of course you do, everyone loves shooting robots!

You want to shoot many of them you say?

And you don’t want to have to think too hard while you do it!!

Walk this way..

Shoot Many Robots is one of those delicious little games that leaves no-one guessing over it’s title. It’s actually less a title and more a description of what awaits you inside Demiurge Studios 2D, side-scrolling blow everything to hell em-up.

Stepping into the work boots and lumberjack shirt of our hero, P Walter Tugnut, a throwback to heroes of arcade machines gone by, the game is all about delivering maximum metal carnage to the robotic foes with the highly imaginative and beautifully realised armoury of weapons. It really is that simple.

The usual shoot-em-up moves are all in place as our hero jumps, slides, weapon switches and melees his way through the mayhem on screen. The levels are a mix of traditional point to point side scrolling fare combined with a few panic strewn survival sections.

Based in the back of his beloved RV Mr Tugnut has access to an ever increasing array of wild weapons and kooky clothing, that you unlock through the various levels, to help him upon his robot annihialation path. There’s everything from basic pistols to high powered RPG’s and from futuristic freeze ray guns to wonderfully destructive flame throwers, importantly, all the weapons are an absolute joy to use.

Alongside the weapon upgrades our hero can also change his attire. Now as meaningless as that sounds it’s actually vital to pick the right garments as each new item has it’s own unique effects. Some pants make our hero slide longer, the beer hat (Tugnut gulps the amber nectar to revive his health) provides extra health when chugging a cold one, then there’s jetpack backpacks, medic setups, paper bag hats, football helmets and the list goes on and on. It’s fun just toying around with the various set-ups till finding the one that suits you.

Shoot Many Robots plays throughout with the dial turned to 11. There’s rarely any chance to catch a breather as an endless stream of ever tougher bots enters the fray with murder in mind.

Those easy-ish enemies from the opening level are soon replaced by some real hard nuts (and bolts) of the robot world. Chainsaw laden lawnmower looking things and flying bomb dropping buggers swarm over the screen and turn the challenge up to ARGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!

Thankfully though you don’t have to go it alone as Shoot Many Robots allows upto four players to give it some co-op style and kick some shiny metal ass (it’s robots, I had to get a Futurama quote in.)

This for me is where the game really came alive, the single player is an absolute blast but the co-op is a cut above. Co-op plays, as you’d expect, along the same routes but players now face more enemies, have the ability to revive each other and also compete for the highest score at rounds end. Co-op mode is where I imagine most players will spend there time with the game.

The levels on offer range from dustbowl farmlands to built-up cityscapes but to be honest each one pays very much the same. You won’t be noticing any variation to how you approach the different settings which is a slight shame, not least because, particularly in single player, if there’s one criticism I could throw at Shoot Many Robots it’d be that old chestnut repetition rearing it’s boring yawn inducing head.While undoubtedly the game keeps a constant high tempo and never let’s up this still doesn’t mean things don’t get repetetive from time to time.

On the plus side though the levels are short enough that they never outstay their welcome and, played in relatively short bursts, the fun and laughter just about over-ride the feeling of monotony.

The graphics and sound are top notch. Graphically the game has a real-life cartoon vibe going on and is definitley eye-catching. All the backgrounds and enemies are spot on and the game has this sort of cheesy but brilliant B-movie feel to it.

Overall Shoot Many Robots is a superb slice of old-school arcade action with some new-school RPG upgrading elements thrown in. If you like to occasionally step away from the deep and meaningful and take a ride on the party bus then this game is going to tick your boxes. It delivers pretty much relentlessly on the action, overlooks the need for story, throws in some schoolboy humour and is all the better for it. The inclusion of the superb co-op mode boosts this game’s score a tad further and ensures that whenever you’ve a friend or two about there’s always the option to don the jetpack, open a cold one and Shoot Many Robots.

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