Meet the TiX Team

Just who are the team behind They are an eclectic bunch of gamers made up from all corners of the UK. Some might say fate brought this team together, some might even say it was destiny but really it was one simple thing – they all have a love for gaming on the Xbox. Ladies and Gentleman… This. Is. Xbox.

TiX’s Senior Team

Dave Moran

Owner and Editor-in-Chief

Dave is one half of the team that now owns TiX – You’ll find him playing all sorts on Xbox Live – Rumour is he is amazing at FIFA…

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Richard Berry

Co-owner and Senior editor

I’ve been gaming for longer than I care to remember and spent four years writing for another XCN website leading a 10 strong team. Now I’m in charge of TiX alongside Dave Moran – I hope you enjoy what we do!

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Phil Kowalski

Assistant Editor

A lifelong gamer, staring at the wrong side of the thirties, I’m a huge Halo series fan. Started gaming way back in the days of the Amstrad CPC464. Midlander through birth, married with son, COD virgin, so be gentle.

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Greg Giddens

Senior reviewer and Podcast host

Some say Greg isn’t one person but a group of many people posting under the pseudonym “Greg”. No one knows for sure but either way, as long as he continues to fight the good fight of reviewing games, then we will always consider him a hero.

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Simon Jones

Advertising manager

Simon is an Xbox fanatic who enjoys games from all genres. Simon is responsible for all marketing and advertising opportunities for the TiX team

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The TiX Team

Peter Howard


FPS fanatic, huge battlefield fan! When I am not wielding some sort of virtual firearm (not very often), I can be found in the dojo in Killer Instinct, biding time and polishing techniques to conquer the world.

Derek McRoberts


36 year old gamer and technophile. Destroyer of the scourge that are motorbikes. Gaming since I could hold a Competition Pro and instilling a gaming mentality on the next generation. Frequent imbiber of ales and curser of shooters.

Cat Evans


Web Developer by day, massive geeky gamer by night. I’ve been playing games for as long as I can remember, and am a total Xbox One fangirl.

Mike Barnes


Having played console games since the Atari and Mega Drive some people would say that I should know what I’m doing. I just think it shows my age. IT Geek, Gamer, Xbox Ambassador and huge PetrolHead.