Sierra publishing announces Shiftlings on Xbox One


What happens when you take two space custodians and link them together with a solitary air-hose? Shiftlings, that’s what you get.

Set in an intergalactic reality TV show, Shiftlings is a puzzle platformer where our intrepidly linked janitors have to complete challenges that may seem impossible until you realise that they can change their mass by passing gas back and forth between that single air hose, effectively rooting one of them to the ground. This then allows the other character to solve objectives and reach new terrain.

This full-on physics-based puzzle platformer is designed for both single and two-player, local and online co-operative multiplayer action, where our janitorial heroes beat more than 50 challenging levels spread across 5 different worlds.

Shiftlings is being developed by Norway based Rock Pocket Games and has been taken on for publishing by long-time gamers Sierra. It is expected to be released as a digital download in spring this year, so keep your eyes peeled for more.

Until then, have a glance at the announcement trailer.