Simon’s GOTY 2017

Simon’s GOTY 2017

With 2018 nearly upon us, before embracing the new, it’s time to take a look back at 2017 and more specifically, what were my games of the year. So, with no further ado, in reverse order, I give you…

5th – Middle Earth: Shadow of War

I love this game. The combat, the story all of it. This would actually be higher on my list however it’s gotten knocked down because of a completely unnecessary loot box system (this nearly disqualified it from my list) and to be honest, the shadow wars bit at the end is dragging on a tad and is a little too repetitive, however, these things can be overlooked as the game is just so damned good up unto that point, and fact is repetitive or not, I’ve still going back to it… I loved the main story, I disturbed myself by being attracted to Shelob and chopping up Orcs was great almost therapeutic fun! I hope the season pass is in the sale come Jan and I’ll be getting it.

4th – Sniper Elite 4

The honest truth here is that I was bored one evening and I saw this in a sale and picked it up on a “why not” basis. Certainly, my surprise of the year right here! I was completely hooked within about 5 minutes. The story was basic but flowed nicely. I loved the open structure of the levels and the objectives contained within that went side by side with the main missions. I thought it was a pretty game, which reminds me going to have to boot it up on the X now to see if it has any gains, and the cherry, the X-ray kill cam. Never has shooting other men in the testicles provided so much entertainment and it never once got old! When I picked it up also included was the season pass, and I really enjoyed the additional content that came with that too. All in all a really great package! If anyone fancies a bit of co-op here and there, just let me know as I would be up for it. I hope there is a 5!

3rd – Destiny 2

I know there is a lot of conflicting tales about this game and yes a slight misstep has been made here and there, but the fact is that I personally found Destiny 2 to be a vast improvement over the first one. The story had a beginning, middle and end, the fact it had a story propped it up over the first and the shooting mechanics are still second to none. The X enhancements recently made this an absolute beauty to look at and it’s just simple, addictive fun. This will be eating time of mine well into the new year and beyond.

I also thought that the Curse of Osris was good, remember the first DLC from the first game? No, neither do I! If you are thinking about Destiny, just do it!

2nd – Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars was one of my personal favourites on the Xbox 360. The cut scenes were beautiful and the campaign was bloody good fun. Halo Wars 2 simply carries that on. Yes, there was a slight problem with the story that could have been fixed by moving the mid game boss fight to the end to give it a proper sense of closure and the less said about the season pass mess the better, but, this is a game I still go back to once or twice a week for a quick match of some kind. Also, Awakening The Nightmare campaign, all arguments to one side, fecking awesome! Buy it if you have this game!

A few quick honourable mentions for Wolfenstien 2, Ghost Recon Wildlands & BulletStorm Full Clip Edition. These 3 were all great, but not quite enough to make it into my top 5. Now, time for the main event.

GOTY 2017 – Horizon Zero Dawn

Could it be anything else? The clear, clear winner for me this year. I was going to sell my PS4 earlier in the year. I just never used it and it’s odd blue colour (Uncharted version) looks a bit weird on my shelf. However, I saw an add for this game and decided to give it a go before taking that trip to CEX.

Holy crap! What a game. There isn’t one single thing about this game I do not like. The story is fascinating and rewarding, the characters are brilliant. The game play. it’s stunning looks, also, not a micro transaction or loot box in sight!

Robot dinosaurs!

I love this game! This is going to be a game I play once a year, just to play it through again and again. I’m going to end up keeping my Playstation just for this franchise alone and I am happy with that! Seriously, if you don’t have this game, you are missing out.

So that was my 2017, how was yours?

What I am hoping for in 2018? Bulletstorm 2 please!

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