The Sims 4 lives the virtual life on console

The Sims 4 is coming to console on November 17 this year. Released way back in 2014 on PC and Mac, the console version will include the base game plus some of the post-launch updates that fans of the series have enjoyed over the years, with other (and new) updates to follow periodically.

Pre-ordering grabs you the Perfect Patio Stuff pack and if you can’t wait for the release date, then EA are offering three days early access to the game for those that pre-order the Deluxe Party Edition, which also includes additional cosmetic items.

EA Access fans are also looked after, with up to five days early access via EA’s Play First Trial – as to how long that trial is or how much content is available remains to be confirmed – but I’d imagine it will be the standard 10 hours access.