Sixty Second Shooter Prime Review

sixty second shooter prime

The ID@Xbox program for Xbox One has already produced some outstanding development work from indie developers with many arcade style games already available on the marketplace and some impressive master pieces still yet to come. As part of the program to aid developers with their gaming ideas for the latest Xbox console about town, Jamie Fristrom’s indie videogame studio, Happion Labs has dropped a bombshell with Sixty Second Shooter Prime!

Sixty Second Shooter is a twin-stick shooter that (drumroll) takes sixty seconds to play – so it’s been rather aptly named. You’ll be surprised how much fun you can have in a minute; not only because it is a challenging race against time, but additionally because it feels a little inspired by the massive 360 arcade hit (in its day) Geometry Wars. Fristrom, a developer who (according to his blog) has previously worked on Spider-Man 1 and 2, Die By The Sword, Tony Hawk, and more – originally developed Sixty Second Shooter in 2011 for the Chrome Web Store, a Deluxe edition later hit the Playstation Vita and Playstation Mobile store and now it is available on Xbox One as Sixty Second Shooter Prime.

sixty second 1

The whole concept of surviving a twin-stick shooter with a techno-future backdrop setting feels extremely old-school arcade – only without the money to keep filling the machine up. The time limit and the increasing enemy count on screen adds intensity to the mix with the feeling that you just do not want to be outdone by the enemies. Having sixty seconds and just one life is a bitch, but without that constraint the game wouldn’t work so well because it’s the increasing difficulty level and challenges that keep you addicted. You can only move to another Level once you have cleared all enemies on screen within the sixty seconds.

The controls as a twin-stick shooter are simplistic (self-explanatory) with one stick for direction and the other to fire your weapon. Your weapon type will vary depending upon Powerups which will grant you extra fire power, bombs, missiles and double fire to aid clearance of homing enemies. However, it all can get a bit manic on screen and before long you’ll be in a frenzy of near misses as survival in Sixty Second Shooter Prime is almost impossible! Adding re-play value is the level unlocks and different modes which come with progression, but if you did enjoy games such as Geometry Wars or similar – then this will be next best thing on Xbox One.

sixty second 2

I have a sneaky suspicion that many of the ID@Xbox range of indie titles will later come as Games with Gold promotions for the free monthly downloads and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this as part of that in the near future as this range produces some really cheap titles.

Sixty Second Shooter Prime is available now for £3.99 on the Marketplace which is a real steal.

Thank you to Xbox for providing the review code.

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