Slash Dash review

Slash Dash is frantic & fun local co-op game that is easy on the eye and quick to master.

It’s been a long time since I played a game that purely a local multiplayer, it feels weird having none of the Xbox Live features, but the game created some frantic fun in our house.

Slash Dash requires at least 2 controllers, but you’ll need four to enjoy the full benefits of the game. You are shown the controls at the start of the game, but oddly you aren’t told how to play the game. On the selection screen you can choose between the different game modes before choosing a colour for your character as well as the projectile they wish to use. At the beginning your only choice is the Kumasi, a blade that will stun enemies giving you the chance to attack. As you complete more matches you’ll unlocks more impressive items such as the ability to change the oppositions controls.

You can sign in guests as opposed to needing separate gamertags and they all contribute to getting the achievements! They are all fairly simple but you’ll need four controllers to take part in the different modes.

So what are the game modes? Well:

Assassination: 4 players only. Players split into two teams. Each team has an AI-controlled shogun (general) that they must protect. This VIP always follows one player; slashing your own general passes him to your teammate. Teams score points by slashing the enemy shogun.

Capture the Flag: 4 players only. Players split into two teams and try to capture the rival team’s flag. Slashing your teammate while she carries the flag will send her flying forward, performing a “slash dash.”

Death Race: 2-4 players. Each ninja has a meter in the center of the map that fills up as she moves around. Stunning or killing a player causes her meter to stop filling until she starts moving again. The first player to fill the meter wins, so you’ll want to stay alive and on the move.

Mirror Match: 2-4 players. All players control a team of five ninjas simultaneously. Everyone fights to the death.

Each ninja is controlled using the sticks to move and aim while the A, X and B buttons allow you to throw your projectile, melee your opponents and most importantly teleport. Teleporting will allow you to get behind your opponents to strike and avoid incoming projectiles, it’s a really useful tactic to use if you want to win. Each of the modes are fun to play, the action is fast (some matches can finish in seconds) and you can lose a lot of time playing over and over with friends.

It’s a great looking game, the visuals are simplistic and the different locations are well designed, accompanied by a beautiful colour palette. The biggest downside for me is just the lack of content. There just isn’t much there, the game would benefit from having multiplayer too. I don’t know many people with four Xbox One Controllers either. There is no way of customising games which is also a shame.

Slash Dash could have been so much better, the lack of multiplayer is going to put most people off and even if they aren’t they’ll find themselves wanting more from the game.

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