Sledghammer Games Discussed Modern Warfare 4 Possibility

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Eurogamer 2014 at Earls Court (EGX), London on Saturday 27th September was one of the busiest days of the event – and with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare taking a prime central spot on the show floor it looked like it was getting a great deal of the much deserved attention from the fans. For the hardcore and those interested in the art direction of the new franchise addition, Studio Head, Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, Glen Schofield, gave a great presentation on the matter which is viewable above.

Having previously played the EGX build at Gamescom ’14 in Cologne, Germany, the new Exoskeleton suit is a major positive highlight! Playing multiplayer has now completely changed within Call of Duty and for the better since you can literally be killed by anyone in any direction – it’s the biggest and most needed change in the history of Call of Duty. With the Exoskeleton suit new strategies have to be thought through since enemies can climb buildings, jump higher, acquire tactical playing abilities such as shields, and it all seems to distance the age-old tradition of sitting in corners with Sniper Rifles – finally “Camping” might have been wiped out in Advanced Warfare!

...the last time I bring up MW4 unless it's MW4...

…the last time I bring up MW4 unless it’s MW4…

Following the art direction presentation from Glen Schofield, I, along with many others in attendance was granted permission to go to a different room to give further questions and take photographs with the man himself. As has a long running piece of history with Modern Warfare 4 rumours since sitting on the plane with the voice actor of Captain Price, I asked the burning question, “Was Modern Warfare 4 considered or ever an option?” Schofield replied “it was considered and discussed, but never taken forward.” before generalising on how a futuristic setting was always the main focus for the future of Sledgehammer Games Call of Duty.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will launch on November 4th 2014

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  • Dirty jesus

    Black ops sucks!!!! Bring out mw4!!! Mw3 was bomb how may players on mw3 vs new crap halo games bo2 aw bo3 crap its all crap!!! Ghost was good

  • Dirty jesus

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  • Jason of Duty

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    Agreed.. I can’t take to the over-futuristic Call of Duty titles. It needs a re-boot somehow otherwise it’s only a matter of time before every major character in the game will no longer be portrayed as human beings!

  • Dirty jesus

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  • Dirty jesus

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