Slender man to arrive on Xbox One


Back in 2013, a gaming phenomenon arose from the depths, based on an urban legend that has no basis in fact, no matter how much YouTube would try to make you believe otherwise.

You’ve probably seen PewDiePie being scared witless at Slender: The Arrival and Xbox 360 owners have had this dubious opportunity for a little while now. Off the back of what the studio describes as ‘big sales’ on all current platforms, Blue Isle Studios has announced that Slender: The Arrival will be making it’s debut on the Xbox One on the 25th of March via the ID@Xbox program.

I’m sure you all know the story, eye-witness accounts describe a thin, tall man dressed in black, with a featureless face roaming around the countryside. A friend of the main character sets off in search of the elusive Slender man and disappears. It’s up to you to go and find her and find out if Slender is the culprit.

Here’s the release trailer and remember, you’re not always alone in the woods.


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