Slime-san slithering on to Xbox One soon


You might have noticed that I’m old enough to remember when games relied mainly on playability rather than sparkly graphics and gimmicks. Games like the Dizzy series were primarily presented in one or two colour glory. Headup Games and, developer, Fabraz have today announced a game very much in the Dizzy mold. Slime-san.

Slime-san is a platform story centred around a sentient ball of slime. He’s minding his own business in a peaceful forest when he’s suddenly gobbled up by a giant worm. Now deep within the worm’s belly, Slime-san has to make a crucial decision; be digested by the incoming wall of stomach acid, or jump, slide and slime his way through the worm’s intestines and escape out of it’s mouth.

Fabraz, the developer behind Cannon Crasha and Planet Diver, are cramming a host of features into Slime-san, which will initially release on PC via Steam but will folllow soon after on console. Throughout this 100 level, five-colour pixelated world you can expect to find Slumptown. This is a town full of survivors within the worm itself. You’ll be able to unlock different play styles, outfits, shaders and even some multiplayer mini games.

Slime-san will also feature incredibly fast-paced, twitch-timing platforming action and you have no time to stay still. That wall of acid is chasing you and may be just around the next corner. You will be able to slip through cracked walls and surfaces and bust through brittle obstacles and tense situations with the handy and speedy dash move.

Each level will be timed, with online rankings available to produce competitive scores for the leaderboard orientated. Collect partially digested apples to unlock the New Game+, Speed Running and Boss Rush modes. Slow time by sliming and use dash to speed it up, all accompanied by your feathered friend, Meryl Cheep.

All of this will be set to a funky chiptune soundtrack from the likes of Adhesive Wombat, Tiasu, Meganeko, Kubbi, Inverse Phase and Richard Gould.

Slime-san will be coming to Xbox One in 2017.

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