Smartsoft Consult Releases WP7 App for Improving Vocabulary

Smartsoft Consult, have just released Word Puzzle for the Windows Phone 7 platform and tout it as a “fun learning tool for people all ages” as a means of improving your vocabulary on your mobile phone.

The objective of Word Puzzle is to find as many valid words as possible (within 2 minutes) by combining adjacent letters horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Words are formed by swiping your finger over adjacent letters until a word is created. Lifting your finger will check the word against the active Dictionary (language) and if found valid, points will be assigned. Word Puzzle can be played in two variants; as a 4×4 matrix and a 5×5 matrix.

Besides English (SOWPODS) and English (TWL06) a huge variety of other languages are available such as; Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Romanian, Swedish, Danish.

You can download the app straight to your phone via this direct link

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