Sniper Elite 4 gets physical

Sniper Elite 4 gets physical

Today publishing specialist Sold Out announced that it had secured the console rights to the physical release of Rebellion’s Sniper Elite 4 alongside it’s digital release later this year. Building on the success the two companies had when they partnered together for Zombie Army Trilogy, Gary WIlliams CEO of Sold Out and Jason Kingsley Co-founder and CEO of Rebellion said:

It is great to see that British software and development is not only alive and well, but through Rebellion’s efforts, actually flourishing. Sold Out is delighted to be the harbour master for Rebellion’s boxed console journey.”

We’re extremely excited to be working alongside Sold Out again after the huge success of Zombie Army Trilogy, and this way we can produce the most successful Sniper Elite game to date, not only digitally, but also at retail.


Sold Out is also extending its USA publishing relationship with U&I distribution who they previously worked with on Zombie Army Trilogy to again bring the game to the US retail.

Stay tuned for more news but in the meantime why dont you check out the teaser trailer below and drop us a comment on what you would love to see in the coming Sniper Elite game?

Sniper Elite 4 will be released in both boxed and digital formats later this year.