Snowcastle Games conjures up Earthlock: Festival of Magic


Norwegian studio, Snowcastle Games are finally in a position to confirm the highly anticipated Earthlock: Festival of Magic.

The turn-based RPG has been successfully crowd-funded to the tune of $183,000 and will feature a non-linear but expansive campaign.

Earthlock will also utilise an organic crafting system where the player will be able to grow their own ammo. You play with two characters, where one player will be more offense, while the other will use more protective spells, like a shield or healing.

Unlike games such as Pier Solar, there will be no random encounters as all enemies will be visible at all times.

To unlock the future, you must uncover the past. Earthlock is likely to remind folk of Harvest Moon.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic is scheduled to hit the Xbox One at some point this year.

Here’s a handy guide to the combat system, is this something that’s likely to tickle your magic hat?

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