So, the Battle Rifle Returns in Halo 4…

Xbox 360

Very little is known about multiplayer aspect of 343 Industries upcoming Halo 4 at the moment, but new clips from recent trailers revealed a gameplay of “BR Slayer” – a team based slayer game type with Battle Rifle’s as the main weapon… obvious we know! But the Battle Rifle is the pinnacle of online gameplay within the Halo franchise and it’s great to know 343 are thinking about the community.

The clips from the trailer on close inspection also confirm the new Battle Rifle for Halo 4 will have an ammo capacity of 36 rounds, as per Halo 2 and 3, and will still remain a 3 round burst. 343 Industries previously confirmed that weapons and vehicles carried over from previous Halo games will also be visually modified which is why the new Battle Rifle (as shown) features various visual upgrades to its appearance.

Microsoft and 343 Industries are keeping tight lipped about Halo 4, but one of the biggest changes we know of is that Halo 4 will add customisable loadouts and abilities that are gradually unlocked through a new progression system.

More info expected around E3 2012 – we’ll keep you updated.

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