Soccer Reality Show from XES


First thing is first oh mighty Microsoft Gods, it is called FOOTBALL!

Right, now that is over with, let’s move on to more pressing matters. Back in 2012 Microsoft created a division of its Xbox unit to focus on creating original, television-style entertainment for Xbox LIVE.

Every Street United (as reported by Gameinformer) will be an episodic show running for 30 minutes that focuses on street soccer (FOOTBALL!) players from around the world. The twist is they will be ‘undiscovered’ talent. Countries that these players will hail from include the US, Spain, Holland, France, Argentina, Brazil, Ghana and South Korea. Those that notice the UK is missing won’t be surprised due to the lack of street soccer uptake here on home ground.

Deadline Hollywood reports that the final episode of the series will be shot at the 2014 World Cup.

Xbox Entertainment Studios (XES) are currently finishing of development of their first project, a live action TV series based on the Halo franchise. This has been in collaboration with legendary film producer, Steven Speilberg. As well as this there is mumblings around future editions of Miss Teen USA and Miss United Continent being produced and aired on Xbox One! The only rumour that does get excited is that of the Blake’s 7  remake!

Reportedly, the show, like many of the Microsoft entertainment projects, will feature interactive features of some kind.

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