Solstice Chronicles to be told on Xbox One

Solstice Chronicles

Around a year ago, Croatian studio, Ironward, released a tense, squad-based title on PC that appeared to be a massive hit. It was called The Red Solstice and almost immediately after this was released, Ironward started working on a spin-off title. This title would take place in the same universe and would offer more tactical depth and complexity along with an engaging story. This title is Solstice Chronicles: MIA.

In the Solstice universe, Earth has been overrun by the STROL virus. The little that remains of mankind has colonised Mars and is controlled by powerful corporations. Mars isn’t the haven that was hoped though. A violent storm threatens to tear the colonies apart. In a race against time, both the corporations and the insurgents will stop at nothing to find a cure for STROL and reclaim the Earth for humanity.

The virus has found a way into your colony though and it becomes an even more urgent race against time, the storm, mutants and the overwhelming odds to find the cure before it’s too late.

Solstice Chronicles will team your playing character, a corporate footsoldier, with an insurgent drone. This drone has a measure of AI and in the process of narrowly escaping destruction, it is realised that STROL has developed intelligence and has a plan to infest not only Earth, but Mars as well.

As you struggle to stop this virus, you’ll learn who is responsible for the epidemic. This twin-stick shooter, that reminds me a little of Alien Breed, will focus heavily on tactical depth and the ability to control enemy spawn-rate. Each tactical decision will have repercussions that gamers will need to manage. The game will also feature local two-player co-op, as seen in the new teaser trailer below.

Ironward are now in a position to announce that Solstice Chronicles: MIA will release on Xbox One early in 2017 and you can find out more about the game and register for the closed alpha, here.

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