Sombrero tipped for new gameplay teaser


We need to have more hat-related games titles. There’s a wealth of untapped potential in the milliner’s trade for game developers to use. One-man developer PixelMetal has taken that idea and created a whole new couch-co-op shooter for Xbox One.

Sombrero is Spaghetti Western Mayhem. Load up your six-shooters and blast your friends in a rapid-fire party gmae for 2-4 players either locally or online. You’ll get to choose from nearly two dozen characters with which to lunge through a non-stop hail of bullets and TNT. Blast your way across four different game modes with a whole armoury of authentic weapons. Well, except maybe the exploding rocket-powered fists.

The other players and their guns aren’t the only dangers in Sombrero though. Spiked pits, barrels of TNT and other items make the scenery as treacherous as your friends. Choose from the classic Deathmatch and Capture The Flag. Alternatively, fight for Loot or be Banditos.

The game will also feature some free DLC along the journey and will also have some special guest charactrs from other indie games. The game will also feature a variety of locales, including The Southern Ruins, Jones Hill Boneyard and Clampett’s Hideaway.

You can find out a little more about the game here.

To get an idea of the gameplay, publisher Alliance Digital Media have released the following teaser trailer.

Sombrero is heading to Xbox One soon, ya Varmint!

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