Soulcalibur V Fighters Carved Into Granite

Fighters from Soulcalibur V have been permanently carved into a Swedish mountain as part of a celebration for the worldwide release of the game. Katana-wielding Mitsurugi and sword-fighting Pyrrha have been engraved in granite on a mountain in the area of Tanum, Sweden, where they will remain until the end of time.

The game makers describe Soulcalibur V as tougher than anything that has gone before it – and have cut the two characters into the Earth to prove it.

Master Stone Engraver Göran Andersson from nearby Hunnebostrand performed the engraving. He is the last remaining stone engraver on the Swedish west coast who performs engravings out in nature and has done engravings for notabilities such as movie star Ingrid Berman and the kings of Norway and Sweden.

Namco Bandai enlisted the help of SavedInStone, who have engraved the characters on their mountain close to a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with Bronze Age stone carvings.

Soulcalibur V is out in stores for the Xbox 360 from tomorrow.

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