Sparkle Unleashed review

Sparkle Unleashed review


Sparkle Unleashed is a marble shooter from 10tons Ltd – a small indie studio – it also happens to be their first Xbox One release having already released a number of PS3 & PS4 titles, STEAM games and a number of mobile games including Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone 8. Truly a skilled group of developers.

Sparkle is a small franchise name 10tons Ltd have been working with for a long while now with Sparkle, Sparkle 2, Sparkle Epic and now Sparkle Unleashed as part of the family. In Sparkle Unleashed 10tons Ltd promise we’ll be able to experience the fabled Sparkle brand action puzzle like never before as we make our way through a secluded world of mystery, light magical braziers and discover a way to banish the darkness once and for all.


The Xbox One version of Sparkle Unleashed offers 108 levels, along with a survival mode and extra difficulty settings. Starting out, Sparkle Unleashed is pretty easy to play and if you’ve ever played Bubble Witch Saga on your mobile (What… it’s a long commute to the office!) then you’ll be familiar with the style of gameplay. Coloured orbs come gradually along the screen, working their way towards a hole – thereby ending the game. Our job is to match up orbs by firing them towards those of the same colour. It’s a familiar concept and well executed here. At all times you’ll have two different orbs to switch between to make it a little easier to manage.

As you progress through Sparkle Unleashed you’ll unlock potent power ups and use the ones you like the most to overcome a variety of challenging orbs like chained and rock orbs. In addition to unlockable power ups there are also a number of challenges to take part in as well as Survival Levels which require you to get as many stars, between one and five, as possible.


Sparkle Unleashed is fairly easy-going at first with moderate movement speed on-screen, but as you progress through the initial 10-20 levels you’ll quickly notice that things start to heat up. Soon enough you’ll be presented with multiple strings of orbs coming along at once and things get much trickier. Of course if you make it this far along then you’ll be well acquainted with what to expect and be able to handle it.

Throw in a suitably thrilling soundtrack by award-winning composer Jonathan Geer and Sparkle Unleashed is a fun title that is also easy on the ears.

Overall Sparkle Unleashed is a fun game for wasting away a few minutes you may have spare. If you’ve played the other titles on your mobile device, this may be worth picking up to complete the series. If you are looking for something to play whilst waiting for your next 50GB+ AAA release to download and install, again this is for you.

Thanks to Xbox and 10tons for their support


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