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Sports GotY

The year is coming to a close and so it’s time once again to take a look back at all the great games that have been released in 2015.

Every day up until the end of the year we’ll be revealing our top three games from a number of different categories, all the way up until the coveted Game of the Year reveal.

Next up is Sports Game of the Year.

Third Place – Blood Bowl 2

Visceral violence, compelling competition, gruesome gore and fantastic fantasy all come together to bring the Blood Bowl board game to life in a digital form.

Greg Giddens (me) described it in his review as:

Blood Bowl 2 is a brilliant sports title, one that brings together cerebral strategy with mindless violence in a beautiful Warhammer themed package.

and indeed it’s this combination of fantasy violence, tactical scope and all round highly enjoyable play, that earns this title a place amongst the very best sports titles of the year.

Check out the review here.

Blood Bowl 2 2

Second Place – NHL 16

NHL 16’s enhanced movement and puck control, along with its new tutorial system, makes the sport more accessible than it has been for years, and this dedication from EA Canada to create the ultimate ice hockey title has paid off spectacularly.

Dave Moran described NHL 16 in his review as:

NHL 16 has certainly returned to form with this excellent title, players new or old will instantly feel comfortable with how the game plays and with a good selection of teams and modes to play through you’ll be well entertained this year.

Indeed NHL 16 has received precisely the kind of enhancements that it needed to once again become an ice hockey fan’s ideal digital facsimile of the real thing, allowing it to glide into second place in our Sports Game of the Year awards.

Check out the review here.


Sports Game of the Year – FIFA 16

for me it’s all the little changes that make FIFA 16 great.

Says Dave Moran in his review of FIFA 16, and it is indeed these small enhancements that EA Canada continue to make each year to FIFA that keeps it on top.

Finally women’s teams have made an appearance, passing is more crucial than ever, the physicality and animations are smooth and accurate, and the whole experience feels that much more realistic and tactical, as Dave goes on to say:

I spend a lot of time passing the ball back to defence to restart an attack, it feels so much more realistic and tactical.

And because of the continued efforts to make the FIFA titles more realistic, and representative of the beautiful game, it’s no surprise that it take this year’s first place ribbon as TiX Sports Game of the Year.

Check out the review here.


Be sure to check out the site again tomorrow to see the next category and its winner.

Honourable mentions go to Rory Mcilroy PGA Tour, PES 2015, Madden 16 and IDARB, all of which were nominated by the TiX team but didn’t quite make the cut.

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